A rowing club for students of Moorestown High School
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MRC congratulates Gold Medal Olympian Lauren Schmetterling


What inspired you to go to your first rowing practice; was there anything memorable about it?  

My mom encouraged me to go to my first rowing practice in high school because I was tall and strong, and I ended up rowing for Moorestown Rowing Club for four years. We erged out of a teammate's garage in the winter, and the boats were kept outside all year, inside a barbed wire fence. Now, they have a beautiful boathouse; they've also come a long way in recent years.


Moorestown Crew is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation that is parent-sponsored to provide training and competition in the sport of rowing for students of Moorestown High School in Moorestown, New Jersey. Unfortunately, we are only able to serve students from Moorestown High School with our fall and spring racing teams. Our summer programs are open to everyone.

We are dedicated to the philosophy that all Moorestown High School students who are interested in rowing with us have the opportunity to do so, regardless of ability to pay.  Anyone who wishes to row but feels the cost of doing so would be a financial hardship should contact the club's

MRC, PO Box 184, Moorestown, NJ 08057

All information, logo, promotional items and content of the www.moorestowncrew.org website are the property of Moorestown Rowing Club and are not to be duplicated or used without the express permission of the Moorestown Rowing Club
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PSRA Waivers
Team, For the second consecutive year, the Philadelphia Scholastic...
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PSRA Waivers


For the second consecutive year, the Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association is requiring that all of you complete an online waiver.

The directions, supplied by the PSRA, are pasted below. All varsity athletes and novice girls are in the system. There may be a novice boy or two missing - Shoot me an email and I'll get you in there if you're not found.

Thanks for taking care of this in a timely manner. This isn't a weekly thing - You will be covered through the Flicks and City's by completing this waiver. We may have additional waivers for Garden States, Cooper Cup, Stotesbury, and SRAA but this is it for now.

Coach Rich

  • Go to https://waivers.regattacentral.com/PSRA2017
  • Search for your club/team
  • Enter the athlete’s last name and birthdate
  • Select your athlete record and select ‘Next’
    • NOTE: If your record is not found, it is likely that the last name and/or birthdate do not match the information on your team’s roster. Contact your club administrator to ensure your record is listed and the information is correct.
  • Follow the steps to complete the waiver

by posted 03/15/2017
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