A rowing club for students of Moorestown High School
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Moorestown Crew
Moorestown Crew is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation that is parent-sponsored to provide training and competition in the sport of rowing for students of Moorestown High School in Moorestown, New Jersey. Unfortunately, we are only able to serve students from Moorestown High School with our fall and spring racing teams. Our summer programs are open to everyone.

We are dedicated to the philosophy that all Moorestown High School students who are interested in rowing with us have the opportunity to do so, regardless of ability to pay.  Anyone who wishes to row but feels the cost of doing so would be a financial hardship should contact the club's treasurer

MRC, PO Box 184, Moorestown, NJ 08057

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Fall Season Information
All,   This information, along with being posted here, is...
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Fall Season Information



This information, along with being posted here, is going out to everyone who rowed last spring and everyone who is registered for the summer programs. It won’t apply to all of you, but I don’t want to miss anyone with this important message regarding the Fall 2015 season.


As you may already know, the Cooper River will be closing in August for a dredging project. We have all been assured that the project will be complete by next February so that it does not impact our Spring 2016 season. You may recall that this was supposed to happen last year but didn’t… According to the boathouse manager, he’s 95% sure that we will be shut out sometime this August as scheduled.


The river closure will obviously have an impact on this coming Fall 2015 season.




You will be practicing out of Curtin Marina on the Delaware River. Practices will likely run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. During the week you’ll practice from 4pm until 6pm, and Saturday’s you’ll practice from 9am until 11:30am. You will have off on the following Saturdays: October 3rd (SAT’s,) October 24th (ACT’s,) and October 31st (Halloween.) The full racing schedule will be published soon.




Unfortunately we will NOT be offering a novice program this fall. We came to this difficult decision after lengthy discussions last evening. We weighed the pro’s and con’s associated with having the kids row, but ultimately decided that the prudent decision was not having the fall novice season.


Reasons we came to this decision include:


  • The river is tidal - To enter and exit the rowing lanes, the 60 foot long racing shell will have to turn 90 degrees. The boat will be broadsided by potentially strong and dangerous currents, and having a crew full of inexperienced kids will make this situation dicey. This is especially true of the coxswain who will have to account for both wind and currents.
  • The river is deep - The Cooper River is both shallow and narrow. In the unlikely event that a rower ends up in the water, they can walk or swim to safety. In the deeper waters of the Delaware, with a current and high banks, this is not the case.
  • Lack of control and familiarity - The boathouse has become a second home for the team and coaches. We’ve seen it all over the years and know what to expect. That will not be the case on the Delaware River and we don’t want to risk the safety of the kids if the coaches are faced with an unfamiliar situation.
  • We can’t guarantee a positive experience - When we began the fall novice program three years ago, we wanted the opportunity to get kids in a boat, teach them the basics, and ultimately get them hooked on the sport. With the above variables working against us, we may end up doing the opposite.


As I stated above, there’s “only” a 95% chance that this plays out as planned. If the 5% wins out and we are able to row on the Cooper River we will adjust our plans. I don’t want potential novices to forgo other opportunities thinking that we were going to have a program, as it’s likely that we will not be able to offer one this fall. Of course we will have both varsity and novice programs starting in the erg room in January of 2016.

by posted 07/07/2015
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