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What inspired you to go to your first rowing practice; was there anything memorable about it?  

My mom encouraged me to go to my first rowing practice in high school because I was tall and strong, and I ended up rowing for Moorestown Rowing Club for four years. We erged out of a teammate's garage in the winter, and the boats were kept outside all year, inside a barbed wire fence. Now, they have a beautiful boathouse; they've also come a long way in recent years.


Moorestown Crew is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation that is parent-sponsored to provide training and competition in the sport of rowing for students of Moorestown High School in Moorestown, New Jersey. Unfortunately, we are only able to serve students from Moorestown High School with our fall and spring racing teams. Our summer programs are open to everyone.

We are dedicated to the philosophy that all Moorestown High School students who are interested in rowing with us have the opportunity to do so, regardless of ability to pay.  Anyone who wishes to row but feels the cost of doing so would be a financial hardship should contact the club's treasurer

MRC, PO Box 184, Moorestown, NJ 08057

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Team, Monday doesn't look great, but Tuesday looks worse. We will have practice tomorrow (Monday) and be off Tuesday this week. See you at the boathouse. Coach Rich

by: Rich Henderson

Flick 5



Below is the schedule for Sunday’s Flick 5 on the Schuylkill River. There are 571 boats entered to race, which is huge. Dad Vail, which all of you (probably) know of, had only 428 entries last year. Stotesbury, our biggest regatta of the year, will have nearly 1,000 entries, dwarfing everything.


Because of the increase in entries, several events will be run as time trials in the head race format. For those who don’t know, that means they will go down to two lanes of racing with boats being sent off every few seconds. So rather than 6 boats leaving every 7 minutes they can send down about 8 every minute. Officials register the start and end time of each crew then their final times are found by subtracting those two recorded times. Everyone in the event is then placed based on time. It’s very efficient, but not as exciting for the viewers as 6-wide racing is. If you see “Bow ###” below, you’re in a head race.


Your place on Sunday will help to determine your seeding for both the City Championships in 2 weeks and Garden States next weekend. It is important that everyone bring their “A” game on Sunday as this will serve to set you up for success as we run in to medal season.


Lightweight guys - You will have to weigh in at 7am at the St. Joe’s Boathouse. Make sure you have photo ID’s and the lightweight form, which can be downloaded from You need to be 100% sure that you’re all under 150 pounds.


Lightweight girls - You can weigh in at 11am at the St. Joe’s Boathouse. You will need ID’s, the form, and to be under 130.


One final consideration is that the roads in the Art Museum area are a complete mess as the NFL prepares for next weekends draft. Please do your best to get around this and arrive 2 hours before your race time.


Here’s the schedule…


  • 9:40, Lane 1, Boys Light 8+
  • 10:50, Lane 2, Boys V4+
  • 11:10, Lane 6, Boys V8+
  • 11:20, Bow 16, Boys Nov 4+
  • 11:30, Bow 32, Boys Nov 8+
  • 12:20, Bow 135, Boys JV4+
  • 12:50, Bow 193, Girls Nov 8+
  • 1:20, Bow 257, Girls JV8+
  • 3:45, Lane 4, Girls Light 4+
  • 4:40, Lane 5, Girls V4+


Your coaches will be sure to go over your boat lineups with you in the next few days. Be sure you know what crew you’re competing with and show up ready to solidify your seedings as we head in to medal season.


See you at the river.


Coach Rich

by: Rich Henderson

Photo Day reminder


Just a quick reminder that today is Photo Day. Be sure to wear your unisuit. First Session kids are to arrive at 3pm, second session at 5pm. A normal practice will follow, with the photographer taking action shots.

See you at the river.

Coach Rich 

by: Rich Henderson

Photo Day


On Tuesday the V Boys and N Girls will need to get to the boathouse at 3pm. The V Girls and N Boys will have to get there at 5pm. 

Josh Street, our photographer, will be there to take headshots of everyone. 

Athletes are to wear  your unisuits. These pictures go in our yearbook, so we want everyone in uniform. 

Josh will ride along and get some action shots as well. 

Enjoy your break - See you all Monday. 

Coach Rich

by: Rich Henderson

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